Why Play Poker?

You might have  extra free time on your hands, and you are wondering what to do to occupy your time. Why not try your luck at poker? I understand why many are a bit reluctant to get in the game. You have heard about gambling addictions and losing tons of money. But let’s look at the perks of playing poker:

Your brain loves poker

Contrary to what many think, poker is not just a game of luck.  Pay attention to the smallest details of the game; the cards on the table, the players and even your cards. Poker challenges your brain to think fast and smart. It’s a brainy game that will exercise your brain. Furthermore, you learn a few things here and there from other players. It is not uncommon for poker players to discuss other issues other than the tournament.

A pair of aces

You don’t have to be the smartest tool in the shed to win

Poker is one of the easiest game to master once you learn how to play. Many poker experts win by having a good card game but even more win just by having a good bluff. All you need to do is master the art of playing poker, and you are good to go. Learn how and when to make a good bluff and luck will almost always be on your side.

It can be loads of fun

Poker is one of those few games that you don’t have to win just to have fun. You don’t even have to play with money. But there is a certain thrill and rush that comes from the challenge poker presents. You get to have fun with people you know and even others you don’t know. The unpredictability of the game makes it even the more exciting!

Earning a little extra coins is not so bad

It’s one thing to love the game you play but it’s a whole other thing to get paid for playing the game you love. There are many places where you get to play poker for money. As long as you play only what you have to spare and not your savings, you will have fun.

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